hardwood flooring

Wooden Flooring

Selection of the correct type of flooring suitable for your site conditions is critical to the long term durability of your floor. Whether you are looking for an Engineered Hardwood, Solid or Parquet floor; we offer unbiased expert advice. Working with leading manufacturers we offer a massive range of flooring with a wide choice of finishes and the ability to sand and carry out a bespoke finish to your requirements.

We offer very competitive Supply Only rates and if you feel you would like to install yourself we are more than happy to provide advice regarding fitting and installation. Please click on the links below to browse the range of flooring we offer.

CONCEPT: Solid & Engineered

WOODlife: Flooring

CONCEPT II: Solid & Engineered

WOODlife: Douglas Flooring

A&K: Full Range Solid & Engineered

WOODlife: Essentail Flooring

MTF: Woodern Flooring



Not only do we offer a traditional range of finishes we also provide a range of bespoke products. The above is only a small example of the hardwood flooring we provide. Please phone or email for a sample.